Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miguel Nicolelis talks about exoskeletons and brain prostheses

Listen below to a lecture by prof. Miguel Nicolelis about the latest developments in Brain-Machine-Interfaces (recorded at the annual AAAS-meeting in Boston, February 17, 2013).

Nicolelis talks about his breakthroughs in brain-machine interfaces: exoskeletons, the WalkAgain-project (paralyzed young adults that will be able to walk again thanks to an exoskeleton), monkeys that can direct a full body avatar, rats that can see infrared and recording signals from two thousand neurons at the same time. And there is more to come...

My private interview with prof. Nicolelis will soon appear in the Dutch popular science monthly KIJK.

Here is my recording:

(The first minutes are an introduction to the talk by Nicolelis. His lecture starts at 04 min. 15 s.)