Monday, June 2, 2014

Grand scientific ICT challenges

In 2012 the ICT Roadmap was presented with the aim to investigate and summarize the ICT-demands of the Top Sectors. The ICT Roadmap tries to match the practical ICT-demands in industry with the research supply in the scientific field. Now it is time for the scientific ICT-field to formulate their answers to the ICT Roadmap. What are the Grand Scientific ICT-Challenges that underlie many of the problems that the Top Sectors wish to be solved? 

On request of the ICT-research Platform Netherlands (IPN) I have written a booklet called "The Scientific Answer to the Roadmap ICT for the Top Sectors". The booklet is based on information that I have received from over forty scientists working in various branches of computer science in The Netherlands.

Click on the booklet cover to get to the PDF.

The booklet identifies and explains eight Grand Scientific Challenges in ICT:

1.   How do we create secure and robust ICT?
2.   How do we protect our digital privacy and identity?
3.   How can embedded systems make our environment smart?
4.   How can monitoring and sensor networks improve society?
5.   How do we create systems and standards that will continue to work as the world evolves?
6.   How can open data better inform the world?
7.   How can Big Data provide new insights?
8.   How can we automatically extract meaning from any source?