Monday, March 15, 2021

The story of Artificial Intelligence with Bennie Mols

I was interviewed for the podcast of the Global Arena Research Institute (GARI) to talk about my view on artificial intelligence (AI).

We had a great conversation about:  

📟 The history of #artificialintelligence
📟 What can AI NOT do?
📟 How would you explain the pace, the rapidity of how the narrative around AI changed from curiosity to fear?
📟 How to achieve a balance in #journalism about AI?
📟 Research & investment in AI in the #US, #China and #Europe - how do we differ?
📟 Google, Twitter and Facebook - too much power?
📟 How to combine the best of humans with the best of machines

💡 New enlightenment: Digital humanism - with three components:
🍎 humans should become more empowered & more digitally literate - giving people equal opportunity to use technologies
🍎 need to make technology more human
🍎 hybrid intelligence - the future belongs to people who best work together with AI

You can listen to the podcast here. (It's podcast #10)