Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 3 Turing100@Manchester - an impression in photo's, quotes and audio recordings

An impression of Day 3 of the Alan Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester.

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Garry Kasparov: "The reconstruction of Turing's 'Paper Chess machine'":

You can also listen to my audio recording of Kasparov's talk:

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov gave an outstanding talk about Alan Turing's first computer chess program. Kasparov played against a computer implementation of Turing's Paper Machine (from 1952) and won rapidly...Read more here.

Garry Kasparov analyzing the match between Alan Turing's Paper Chess Machine (the moves played by Turing himself) and Alick Glennie in 1952. Score: 0-1 for Glennie. 

Garry Kasparov quoting Pablo Picasso: "Computers are useless, they can only give you answers." 

More quotes from Kasparov:

"Intelligence in chess has very little to do with intelligence in every day life. And I have seen many examples of this."

"The IBM Watson project in Question-Answering is much more scientific than the IBM Deep Blue project in chess."

"In a Turing Test in chess one can tell the computer apart from the human because the computer does not make short term mistakes."

"Let me quote George Orwell: 'Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be'.   I can see it in my own country, Russia, where the internet is breaking down Putin's propaganda machine."

"Chess is a great testing field for the cooperation between man and machine. What is the best cooperation between brute force and human creativity."

"Humans are always victims of their own emotions."

"Humans are not used to the computer level of precision and perfection."

Rodney Brooks: "Turing's humanoid thinking machines":

You can also listen to my audio recording of Brooks' talk:

"Many people are too little aware of the technological power of exponentials. Take for example the robotic car: In 1979 the Stanford Cart was driving 20 meters in 6 hours. In 1992 MIT's Polly car was driving 2000 meters in 6 hours. In 2005 robot car Stanley was driving 200 kilometers in 6 hours."

Panel discussion: "Turing Test"

You can also listen to my audio recording of the panel discussion:

Rodney Brooks: "I think that we overestimate ourselves. Our brain has a dirty computer architecture."

Garry Kasparov: "Let me quote Alan Turing: 'If a machine is infallible, it cannot be at the same time intelligent.'"

Manuela Veloso: "For a robot to reach human level intelligence, humans cannot do all the programming. The robots really need to learn things by themselves."

Hans Meinhardt: "Not unlike a computer can dream at night, without any input from the outside world, can the computer be called thinking."

George Ellis: "On the nature of causation in digital computer systems.":

Quotes from George Ellis:

"What do intelligent computers need?

1. Intellect = logic: rationality
2. Emotions that set priorities
3. Values = allowed/preferred behaviour
4. Instinct: automatic responses
5. Intuition = hardwired experience from the past combined with fast pattern recognition
6. Imagination = finding possibilities
7. Choice = selection of action option"

Hans Meinhardt: "Turing's pioneering paper 'The chemical basis of morphogenesis' and the subsequent development of theories of biological pattern formation".

Meinhardt shows the organism that Turing analyzed in his 1952-paper on Morphogenesis:

Quotes from Meinhardt:

"Even if we know the genes, pattern formation is not obvious."

"Turing was really a genius in showing how patterns form out of non-patterns."

Photo's: Bennie Mols, 25 June 2012