Saturday, October 6, 2012

Human and artificial intelligence at TEDx Delft

This is me performing at a great TEDx Delft on Friday October 5:

"Like an airplane flies in a different way than a bird, robots and computers are intelligent in a different way than humans. And there is nothing wrong with that."

"There is one thing computers and robots will never ever be able to do...And that is to evolve from the apes."

"Forget about the idea that computers and robots are going to rule the world. If we want to improve the world, we have to think more about the best possible cooperation between human and artificial intelligence. How can man and machine become the best pair of tango dancers?"

(Designed by Philip Stroomberg)

Here is a drawing of me made by De Jongens van de Tekeningen:

And watch here the unedited version of TEDx Delft: 'Never grow up'.