Sunday, June 24, 2018

NEW BOOK: "Hallo Robot: Meet Your New Workmate and Friend"

In October the book "Hallo Robot: Meet Your New Workmate and Friend" will be published by Canbury Press. Written by Bennie Mols and Nieske Vergunst. It's the English translation of the book that was published last year in Dutch.

Some fear that robots could take half of our jobs and even wipe us out. But is that really so? Hallo Robot reveals how robots see, feel, and act — and what tasks they are likely to perform in the future.

Instead of posing a threat to human beings, intelligent machines could transform our lives. Robots already make our cars and clean our homes and could soon chauffeur us, teach our children, and keep our parents company in old age.

While tackling ethical concerns head-on, Bennie Mols and Nieske Vergunst show how artificial intelligence could help the lame walk again and rescue survivors from collapsed buildings — and boost the global fight against hunger and pollution.

Welcome to a realistic, colourful view of our fast-approaching robot future.